Over-the-board league to resume 🎉

Published on 06 February 2022

The Sheffield association have decided to resume the league, starting at the end of the month! Naturally, we'll be entering a team, and we're looking forward to some matchplay. Chris is continuing as captain with Oli handling the paperwork.

These will be proper ECF-rated games, 75 minutes for each player, and you'll need to record your moves. (We've got some scoresheets though, and maybe even some pens as well)

We'll be playing our home matches on Wednesday nights at the Three Cranes. On match nights, do feel free to come down to the club as normal even if you're not playing in the match—it'll be a far quieter atmosphere than usual, but you are very welcome to watch or play some friendly games on the sidelines.

In weeks that we have an away match, we may or may not meet on Wednesday. The fixture list will be released in a few weeks and we'll be able to plan better.

If you want to play for us in the league, have a word with Chris. Also, now would be a good time to take out or renew an ECF membership at Bronze level or above. See you on Wednesday for the usual rapid shootout.